About Us

Who We Are

We launched CharityJob in February 2000 at the start of the dot-com bust period. We grew to the UK’s largest and busiest website for jobs in the sector in no time and have maintained that position for the past 9 years. The two founding directors worked for the sector for over 20 years between them and that’s why we’re passionate about what we do here.

Our partnership vision

One day in 1999 we thought,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could save charities millions of pounds by creating a job advertising platform that is both more effective and cheaper than anything else around? Of course it can only happen if we work in partnership with charities…”

That thought led to the birth of CharityJob.

Our mission

Our mission is to help charities by saving them millions of pounds in staff recruitment costs.

Roots of our mission

  • We believe in the power of charities to change the world for good in myriad ways.
  • We believe that the impact charities can have is limited only by imagination and funding.
  • We know the internet offers the opportunity to save charities millions of pounds in staff recruitment costs.
  • We are committed to realising these savings and delivering them to charities.
  • We are passionate about the sector.


Our values are:

  • Outstanding value for money
    Our service gives great results and our price reflects the value of using CharityJob.
  • Market leading effectiveness
    We aim to be more effective than all alternatives.
  • By and for the voluntary sector
    We will involve the voluntary sector in the setting of our strategy, plans and services.
  • Contribution
    We will contribute generously to charities from our profits.
  • Accessibility
    Our site will be as accessible to as many people as possible.
  • Intuitiveness, reliability
    Our site will perform as visitors want and expect.
  • Innovation
    We will constantly develop new features and improve on our services.
  • People
    We are about people, not just technology.
  • Ethical
    We operate to the highest ethical standards in our dealings with staff, customers, and suppliers.

JobLadder Ltd Registered in England & Wales No 4672430

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